My 1st Midwife Appointment

30th June 2018
1st Midwife Appointment: Pregnancy Notes and Bounty Pack

After discovering we were expecting our first baby, I called my GP the next week to book my 1st midwife appointment. I was informed that my first appointment, also known as the booking appointment because they book your birth, would be at the 8 week stage with my midwife. It usually takes place between 8 and 10 weeks.

8 weeks soon came around, I had the day off and I headed off to see the Midwife, feeling a little stressed about everything and taking time off and lying to work as they still didn’t know, obviously and especially because I had only been in my new job just under 3 months and had already been pregnant for 2 of those.

My 1st Midwife Appointment

My midwife called me in and she also had a trainee midwife accompanying her. She seemed nice and introduced herself as Tracey. She firstly started me a file with my pregnancy notes and filled out my main personal details. Then we moved on to weighing and the trainee midwife took my blood pressure, which was normal (its a wonder due to the amount of stressing I had been doing!).

Calculating My Estimated Due Date

Next the midwife asked me about when the first day of my last period was, I use a tracking app called Glow and I was very clear on all of my dates and pretty much even knew to the day I ovulated and therefore conceived too. My app had indicated my estimated due date (EDD), was 8th Jan 2019. She took the dates I gave her and originally came back with boxing day as my due date!!!

In mild panic I politely said, “I think its actually in Jan? All of the apps I use are saying 8th Jan?”

“Oh! Ok lets take a look again. Oh yes, sorry it’s actually 9th Jan 2019.”

Phew, I wasn’t ready for a Christmas baby, although I know it is perfectly feasible baby could arrive 2 weeks early and be a perfect little Christmas present!

Once she had my dates, she went through mine and hubby’s medical history to check for any potential risk factors. All fairly straight forward.

Booking My 12 Week Scan

Then we started going through scans and other routine appointments.  This is where it all felt a little overwhelming.  She went through things in a very quick manor, sometimes leaving out some of the context, almost as if she forgot that I have never done this before and was just re-running through it. I guess where she does this everyday it becomes so routine to her. 

I was offered either a normal 12 week scan or a 12 week enhanced screening.  I chose the advanced screening.  I gathered that it was a slightly more in-depth scan followed by a blood test to check for Downs, Patau and Edward Syndrome.  I was given a booklet to reader more about it.

Whooping Cough Vaccine

Then my midwife said “You’re going to have the whooping cough vaccine then?”

I was a bit bewildered at this point by all the info and the fact that I wasn’t being given much info to go on. I had no idea that was a thing really, so hadn’t thought about it.

I just replied “Um, yeah I guess so, if that’s what happens.”

I was told that I would be sent a letter from the hospital in the next few weeks with my scan and blood test appointment, it would be around my 12th week of pregnancy.

Weight Management in Pregnancy & The Glucose Test

Next my midwife pointed out that my BMI was on the higher side and that I should attend a weight management class on a Wednesday and should go as often as I can. She slipped a leaflet in my notes about that too. Tracey also stated that I should have the glucose test to check for early gestational diabetes. I was given a pouch of sugary drink and instructions on what to do prior to my glucose test the following week. I was given my notes to take along with a bounty pack to keep them in with other info a some samples and instructed that I must take my pregnancy notes to every appointment with me and keep them with me at all times.  I decided keeping them in the car was the best bet because 9 times out of 10 I would have the car with me at home, work and anywhere else I went.

I left feeling quite overwhelmed and a little bit nervous of everything to come and loads of questions running through my head. I had the rest of the day off, so I headed home and decided to take some time to read through my notes and the leaflets to understand everything better. I felt a little better after this, but was still feeling really worried about all of these appointments and lying to work.

The early stages when no one knows really can be quite tough, but it gets so much better once you are able to inform work and family and friends know. If you have holiday available I would recommend trying to use some of that in the early stages for your 1st midwife appointment and hospital appointments to ease the stress and allow you to take it all in. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot available to use as I needed to keep it for Christmas and to finish a little earlier before starting mat leave in Jan.

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