Early Pregnancy Symptoms – My TWW

4th July 2018
The TWW - Early Pregnancy Symptoms

As soon as you start trying for a baby, generally the obsessive symptom checking starts. We were being very casual about the whole thing, saying to myself, we are just “practising”, getting in the groove over the next few months.  Using the time to track my ovulation and cycle more closely so we can then get into a more serious phase of trying for a baby.

That still didn’t stop me obsessing over every little, twinge, wave of nausea and any other symptom that could indicate pregnancy and I am sure that I am not alone in this.

Pregnancy and Baby Fever

For a women, when we want a baby that’s it, it’s like a switch is flicked and we are in baby mode. Everywhere you look there are glorious mummy’s to be with their pregnant bumps or newborns being pushed around in their luxury prams. And then there are all the pregnancy announcements, birth announcements and of course the lovely baby clothes even in the supermarkets when we complete our weekly food shop.

This can be difficult when you want a baby so bad, whether you have had to wait before starting to try for a baby like us, you have been trying for a while or you have been pregnant and miscarried.

But even though I had in my head it will take months, maybe even years due to my age, weight and hormone imbalance (hyper-prolactenimia is when you produce too much prolactin and can cause fertility issues), I was excited and wanted this baby to happen ASAP.

So as soon as we started bedding down (which actually was only twice by the way!), I was looking out for any sign, checking blogs and community apps like Glow hourly to see if I was experiencing any of the symptoms that others had had when they discovered they were pregnant.


Our 12 Week Scan

I Just Knew Right From Ovulation

It may sound cliche or even a bit silly, but I  just knew I was pregnant. I know when I ovulate as I get pains as the egg is released and as we had done the deed twice a few days before, I just knew the minute that egg was released I was pregnant.

I tried all the tricks in the book and gave myself many a talking to to ensure I didn’t get my hopes up, but deep down I knew.  I kind of wanted it to be this quick but part of me was very prepared that it would take longer and I reasoned with myself that if it took a few months we would be better off financially when the baby comes.

Yet, I couldn’t help that feeling deep down that the egg had been fertilised and that soon it would be an embryo, a foetus and then a baby! But I would have an agonising two week wait (TWW) until I could be sure.  I found it really helpful to read other people experiences to compare to mine when I went through the TWW, so I documented my symptoms for each day past ovulation (DPO) so that I could publish them to help others on their TTC journey.

So here are my TWW early pregnancy symptoms in all their TMI glory!

1 DPO - bloating, diarrhoea, watery CM, shooting pains and sore boobs at sides

2 DPO - diarrhoea, watery CM, shooting pains in boobs and sore at sides, weeing a lot and strong smelling

3 DPO - headache, bloating, no CM, weeing a lot, tired, spot break out on right side, sore throat, indigestion

4 DPO - headache, no CM, nausea, shooting cramps right ovary, weeing a lot and strong smell, tired, back ache, tummy making noises and some tummy ache, feel full quickly but then starving not long after

5 DPO - diarrhoea, gassy, tired and dreamt I had a baby last night, no CM, feeling a bit croaky and run down, sharp quick twinges on right lower side, irritable

6 DPO - weeing a lot, a lot of watery CM, some nausea

7 DPO - woke with sore throat glands up, stomach ache and heart burn, painful lower back cramps on left side

8 DPO - watery CM, milky quite heavy in evening, feeling a bit sick especially from strong smells.

9 DPO - waves of nausea when hungry, don’t really fancy food, but ok once I start eating. Pinches and twinges like ovulation pain throughout the day. Some back pain. Heightened sense of smell. Bloated, can’t suck my tummy in, but not like gassy bloating. Diarrhoea, frequent urination every 1/2 hour to hour. Sticky watery CM.

10 DPO - more waves of nausea especially when I get hungry, better once I eat. Strong sense of smell. Bloated and can’t suck my tummy in, not like gassy bloating. Frequent urination and some diarrhoea. Some cramping. Boobs hurting before bed and bad nights sleep. My period would normally have started today as it arrives two days earlier than predicted each month. Did a test at 17:09 and got a faint positive, but I have been drinking a lot of water throughout the day.

11 DPO - I did a test with my first morning urine with a clear blue digital and got my BFP! It says I am 1-2 weeks which fits with my dates. Aaaaahhhh I am pregnant!

Tracking Your Cycles Pre-Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy Hormones

This is just my experience, everyone is different and some people will argue that you can’t get symptoms until at least egg implantation which happens from early as 7 days up to 12 DPO.

There are other theories and research about early hormones which get released and can detect pregnancy even before HCG is released (thats the hormone that pregnancy test us to determine if you are pregnant), which could be why some women feel symptoms as soon as ovulation occurs!

Many believe that the symptoms are down to the increase in progesterone which happens during ovulation regardless of whether the egg is fertilised and put the symptoms down to that. However I know my body and have been very in tune with my cycles since using a tracking app a few years back, so I just knew that this wasn’t how my body reacts to ovulation in general.

If you are going to start trying to conceive, I would recommend using an app like Glow or period tracker to track cycles and symptoms of ovulation, so you can distinguish between your normal body experiences and early pregnancy. Even though I knew my body, not having my full ovulation symptoms written down still made me question whether the symptoms were related to early pregnancy.

But I got my positive!

We're Pregnant! - Positive Pregnancy Test

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