Simplicity V Material

26th February 2018

As I sit here watching Fear The Walking Dead and indulging my love of zombies, my mind wonders what it would be like to live in a time like that. I sometimes find myself hankering after it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to experience a world where flesh eating monsters run loose, dining on our nearest and dearest, but I do sometimes wish for a simpler life, where technology is no longer in existence, we live off the land, relationships and making memories with family and friends are the most important thing and we just live each day as it comes, in the moment. I am often torn between the materialistic world and the the more simplistic. I love the luxuries as much as the next person, but it all just seems so superficial at times.  I suffer from anxiety and find it so frustrating to be worrying about things that often seem so trivial.  In an apocalypse all their is is survival and relationships, humanity and survival.

I have read and watched many things about that of the Amish life and the simplicity in which they live.  I am not really religious person, but I do have a spiritual side.  I find spirituality in listening to music, walking in the crisp morning air, taking in my surrounding as the sun rises. Enjoying the last warming rays of the sun on the drive home as the sun sets on another summers day.  Laughing so hard with friends or siblings that you're crying and your stomach hurts.  Making amazing memories with family on a picnic or a walk on the beach.  It's these smaller more simplistic pleasures that truly make life special and I think we forget that or miss out on that due to technology.

I often say I would happily give it all up, jump off the wheel and live in the middle of nowhere in the outer Hebrides or a island somewhere, just me and my husband. Modern life can just be too fast, too hard, too cruel, too shallow. I would love to forget all of the pressures of society, money worries, materialistic wants and needs and instead wake early, tend the land for food, craft, read a book, watch the sun set and actually just talk in front of an open fire. I know technology has brought us so much, but I think there are also things that we have lost seemingly forever because of it.  I can't imagine how we would adapt and survive if we lost it all.

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