The One Where We Found Out We’re Pregnant With Our First Baby

28th June 2018

Me and hubby have been together 11 year this year.  We got married in 2016 and we have talked about starting a family for the past few years.  Each time we thought we were close to the right time to start trying life got in the way.  There was always some money crisis or family thing, or I changed jobs etc etc.

This year we decided enough was enough.  In January I decided that I was going to change jobs, it was a hard decision for me because my role had been to set up a brand new online furniture brand Called Mood Collections, on behalf of my employer.  I was taken on initially to plan and execute the marketing strategy, but in the end I actually pretty much set the entire business up myself, with the approval of the board of directors along the way.  It is something I am pretty proud of and I loved what I had achieved.  Business was starting to grow and it was exciting to hear the wonderful feedback from customers and start to get some really nice sales, but unfortunately there were things that just weren’t right for me in the daily running of the business. Therefore I started applying for new jobs and looking for my next challenge.

A New Job

I found a great new opportunity which I started in March.  The company is great and still my current employer.  It’s in the B2B market and the company trades internationally, so there were some exciting new opportunities for me to learn international marketing. Plus they were about to embark on moving over to a completely inbound and content focussed strategy, which I am really passionate about and wanted to continue to grow my experience and expertise in this area.

We decided that once I had settled into my job  and our finances felt more secure we would then think about starting a family. We still had some debts that we were paying off, but wanted to get to a place where we had some savings behind us so that we knew we would be able to provide for a baby when the time came.

Trying for a Baby

Roll on just over one month into my new job, things were going well. We had casually started “practicing” trying for a baby and I haven’t been on birth control for years due to a hormone condition called hyper prolactinemia, with the thought that it would take at least 3 months if not up to a year or even more if my condition made it harder for us to conceive.

Then within a few days, I started to feel a little bit different in myself, not necessarily ill, but just not quite right. I was having cramping, which I don’t really get in the run up to my period, plus some smells that I would usually like, such as fish and chips cooking made me feel ill. I also started to lose my appetite a bit, something very unfamiliar to me! I’ll do a full post on my TWW symptoms soon.

Taking a Test

One day late on my period, which is normally two days early each month and I decided to take a pregnancy test after work, thinking it was unlikely that I was pregnant.  I was a little nervous, but due to me thinking there was no way I would be pregnant yet, I stayed casual about it. I had drunk quite a bit of water throughout the day, but I didn’t want to wait until the next morning. I peed on the stick and waited patiently.  After 5 or so minutes the control line appeared and I took a look.  It was a clear blue, so I was looking to see if there was a cross.  I could see the horizontal line clearly and then there looked like a very faint vertical line.  Hmmm could it be or is it an evap line? I tried to remain calm and decided to not say anything to hubby yet.

The next morning was a Saturday and hubby had to work just for the morning, I waited for him to go off to work and then got up to take another test.  I had another clear blue and a digital clear blue.  I peed in a cup and used the normal test, with the plan to use the digi to confirm the weeks as final confirmation if I got a positive.

I waited patiently, with my nerves slowly building.  I had wanted this for a long time, just didn’t think it would be quite yet. The test was a dud and didn’t work.  By this time my heart was thumping out of my chest.  I opened the digi test and dipped.  I waited again, within 5 minutes the test showed a result.  I peered at it nervously, almost scared to look.  Not entirely sure if I wanted it to be positive or negative.

We're Pregnant! - Positive Pregnancy Test

The words on the screen read “pregnant 1-2”

Oh wow!  This is actually happening.  I am pregnant!

I was a mixture of elated and scared all at once.  I didn’t know whether to laugh, smile or cry.  After a few minutes I pulled myself together. I went into my office and pulled out a baby grow printed with the slogan “Daddy Makes Me Smile” that I bought a while ago with the aim of announcing our pregnancy to hubby when that day finally arrived.

Today was that day.  I put it in a present bag along with the positive tests in their box ready for when hubby would arrive home late morning.

I started to try and get ready to go out later in the afternoon to meet up for lunch with my parents and my middle brother.  It was going to be hard not telling them, but I knew it was just too early to say anything yet.

Hubby arrived home around 10am, those hours seemed like forever. I greeted him nervously and said, “I’ve got a gift for you.”

He look puzzled but followed me into the lounge.  He opened the bag and the first thing he would have seen was the pregnancy test box.  He stared at it for a moment and then looked at me and asked

“Are you pregnant?”,

“Yes, yes I am” I replied with a nervous smile on my face.  “Really? That quick? I thought it would take months?”

“Apparently so, you must have strong swimmers! What do you think?” 

He looked a bit shocked, but looked at the baby grow and started to smile and said

“Yeah, ok, we’re having a baby then!”

And so the next adventure begins....

Keep checking back to follow our pregnancy and the journey into parenthood.

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