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The One Where We Met and Fell in Love

15th August 2017

We first met in April 2007, a year after I  graduated from Uni.  I was working part-time in a little country pub called The Gribble Inn at Oving where Phil and his farmer buddies frequently met for a drink.  It wasn't loved at first sight, well at least not for me anyway!  Phil was not my usual type and I had just decided I was done with guys, so he was kind of messing up my plan!

Over the coming months, we talked a bit when Phil was ordering a drink and totting up his bar tab! I suppose Phil must have liked something about and one evening in June he took the opportunity when paying his bar tab, with some nerves and a bright red face, and asked for my number.  I was a little taken aback and wasn't really sure what to say, but shyly said yes. Two minutes later Phil's mate Budd also asked for my number (as a joke, i think!).

Phil then started a romantic wooing via text!  He asked Steph out on a date.  I was busy washing her hair!  He tried again, but I was going away on holiday and still playing a little hard to get.  Mid July when I returned from the sunny isle of Cyprus Phil made up his mind to make one last try.  This particular evening I was working in the Skittle alley for a private party, so he plucked up the courage and made his way across the car park with his bright red sunburnt face to the window, tripping over a barrel on the way and arrived at the window with an even brighter red face of embarassment trying to act cool! He made his last offer to take me out for a drink and I gave in and said yes.

After finally getting me to agree to go for a drink, Phil decided to go the whole hog and invited me out for a meal rather than just a drink.  I protested that I was short on cash, so a drink would be fine.  Phil, like the gentleman that he is said I didn't need to pay, it was his treat.  I think he may have regretted that ever since!  

So the date night arrived and I dressed casual proclaiming to her friends "it's not a date, just a friendly drink and a meal".  Phil collected me in his BMW Coupe, very fancy! Phil took me to the Beefeater in Arundel. Despite my reservations from the minute we both sat down, we didn't stop talking; the waitress came to take our order 3 times!  From that moment, I knew that this guy was the one I was going to marry! And after dropping me home, there was just a peck on the cheek to say goodbye- such a gentleman!

After a week or two of many texts whilst Phil began the harvest, a second date was agreed- an evening wedding reception for one of Phil's friends.  We had a lovely time on a lovely summers evening, after the wedding they went for a drive and stopped at the top of the Trundle at the beautiful Goodwood to gaze at the stars. Phil decided to ask the sweetest of questions... "Will you be my girlfriend?"  I was not expecting it and it was strange to be asked to be someone's girlfriend, I hadn't been asked since secondary school, so I replied in shock with ..."Yes I, suppose!"  There was even a cheeky first kiss!

The problem was that after the somewhat unconventional reply to his question, Phil wasn't sure if we were now in a relationship or not.  He called me shyly in the morning to clarify, after a bit of laughter, it was official!  That was 10 whole years ago today!  Where did that time go? We finally got married last June and celebrated out 1st anniversary and 10 years with a casual BBQ with family and friends at our new rental home.  It was a lovely day and we enjoyed the great company.

I honestly cannot believe it is 10 years, but I do know that I love him more and more each day.  I can't wait for us to become 3, hopefully within the next year all being well.

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